#TastyTuesday with @ForkReporter: The Rise Of Meals Kits

It's the end of the day.  

You and your spouse just got home after each sitting in traffic for 2 hours, after sitting in front of your computer for another 10 hours.  

You both just want to get to bed, but you have to eat some dinner, and you know you shouldn't eat out again.

Cooking is way to much work.

Well, it was...

Meal kits are on the rise and they are making cooking at home easy and quick for people of all skill levels.

This week, Walmart announced that they will be rolling out a new line of meal kits to over 2,000 stores this year.

The pre-portioned meals feed two and range in price from $8 to $15, competing with Amazon and Blue Apron, whose meal kits tend to land around $20 for two people.

Some are as simple as reheating, while others allow you to get your hands dirty and really feel the accomplishment of really making the meal.

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