Parents Speak Out After Their Child Dangled from Bear Mountain Chairlift

The family of a 5-year-old girl who was seen on video dangling from a Bear Mountain resort chairlift are speaking out about the event.

The little girl, Sara, and her 7-year-old sister were in their ski school class for the day when Sara slipped off her seat in the lift.

The instructor sitting with them was able to catch her by the hood of her jacket.

The girls' mother was three chairs ahead when she says she heard people screaming and yelling.

"I turned back and I saw Sara dangling from the chairlift and she was just there and she was dangling. I couldn't do anything about it." 

She says she saw Sara drop and when she came back around to get her daughter, it was discovered Sara had somehow lost consciousness.

Her mother also says Sara's tongue and legs hurt and she has bruising around her neck and legs.

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