Motorcyclist Involved In Newhall Road Rage Incident Arrested

The driver of a motorcycle involved in a "highly publicized" road rage incident that resulted in a chain-reaction crash was arrested Wednesday the California Highway Patrol said. 

"Today I am very proud to announce that we have made an arrest of the individual taht we believe is responsible for this incident," assistant chief Mark Garret said at a news conference this afternoon.

Andrew Flanagan of Arleta, California was booked on three different felony charges that include: felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony reckless driving, felony hit-and-run. He is currently being held on $110,000 bail. 

Dashcam footage of the road-rage incident near Newhall went viral last year after a motorcyclist riding a "Harley Davidson type" motorcycle was zooming up next to the driver's side of a Nissan car and kicking at the side of the vehicle. That's when the Nissan swerves back, losing control and slamming into the center divider, then bounces back into traffic where it collided with a Cadillac, overturning the SUV. 

The motorcyclist can be seen fleeing the scene of the accident. The person recording the footage immediately turned it over to the CHP. 

The driver of the Cadillac was taken to the hospital after suffering moderate injuries from the crash. The motorcyclist fled the scene of the accident, but was arrested on Tuesday according to a CHP press conference. 

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