Pedophiles Granted Citizenship Through Chain Migration

Five people convicted of child sex abuse will have their citizenship stripped by the Justice Department. Two of the five were in the US under the type of chain migration that the Trump Administration is working to wipe out. 

One of the pedophiles, Ricardo De Leon, admitted in court that he was actively molesting a six-year-old child when he was approved for citizenship in 2010 and that he continued abusing that child for another four years. 

De Leon originally came to the country as a child relative of a US citizen. According to administration data he was ultimately caught in 2015 and last year, plead guilty. 

The case of Christian Oribello Eguilos echo's that of De Leon's. Equilos also came to the US as child relative of a citizen and was ALSO charged with sexual abuse of a child 10 years or younger.  

According to documents filed last week by the Justice Department, both men lied about their criminal records and behavior during the process of acclimatization 

Read more at The Washington Times 

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