President Trump is Heading to Los Angeles

UPDATE (3/8/2018):

President Trump's visit has an official date, March 13, 2018. The President will come to California to tour border wall prototypes in San Diego. The last time Trump was in San Diego he was met with protesters guarded by police with riot gear.

When asked why Trump has taken so long to visit California, Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded, "I think it's because he's been busy growing the economy, creating jobs, defeating ISIS, remaking the judiciary. I'd be happy to name off some other successes."

See more at the LA Times

President Trump is expected to make his first visit to California since becoming President. He will attend a fundraiser for the Republican National Committee in Los Angeles mid-March. The main purpose of Trump's trip is to view samples of the potential border wall. 

Trump has rarely made visits to the western US since his inauguration citing his preference for sleeping in his own bed, but he has been critical of California due to the state's immigration policies. 

Trump has prioritized the construction of the border wall and hitched funding to the DACA negotiations. Eight prototypes of the wall have gone up near San Diego. 

Read more at the LA Times 

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