Olympian Rescues 90 Dogs in South Korea

Gus Kenworthy is an American skier who has competed in two Winter Olympic Games, winning a silver medal in men's freestyle skiing at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Well, he didn't win a medal in PyeongChang, but he went home with something else, an adorable puppy.

Now, this isn't the first time he has left the Olympics with a puppy.  

In Sochi in 2014, he saw five stray dogs, a mother and her four puppies, and he and his partner at the time, stayed more than a month after the games were over to save the dogs and get them adopted, adopting two for himself.  The story adoption brought worldwide attention to the stray dog problem in Sochi.

Well, before leaving South Korea, he paid a visit to a dog meat farm that claimed they their dogs were kept in 'good conditions."

Gus said what he saw there he says was heartbreaking and far from 'good conditions.'

In a long Instagram post, which you can see below, he talked about the actual conditions he saw, how some of the dogs there were once family pets that were stolen and sold to the farmer, and how with the help of the Humane Society, this particular farmer 'saw the error of his ways' and agreed to shut down his farm and release the 90 dogs there to the Humane Society.

Those dogs will be brought to the U.S. and Canada and adopted into homes.

And Gus Kenworthy is adopting one of them, naming her Beemo. 

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