O.C. Officials Clear Out Anaheim Homeless Camp

Orange County officials say they've completed the eviction of hundreds of homeless people who were camping along the Santa Ana riverbed. The three mile long homeless camp was home to up to 1,000 people at one point, with people complaining about the unsanitary conditions the camp produced. 

The county began evicting the homeless residents after a plan was agreed upon that would have the county offer month-long motel vouchers or shelter beds for the homeless living there. Workers began clearing away the tents and makeshift shelters after the deal was made. 

County spokesperson Jen Nentwig said the county plans on following up with each individual they evicted. 

"The Orange County Health Care Agency plans to follow up with each individual and conduct clinical assessments of what their needs are." 

The clean up of the riverbed, which began last week, wrapped up Sunday afternoon after workers finished clearing out the abandoned furniture, bicycle parts, and mounds of trash. Authorities say they had to clear out over 3,000 pounds of human waste and more than 8,000 needles. 

County Supervisor Todd Spitzer said, they'll have to help themselves "If those individuals don't take up those offers, and don't get serious about their own rehabilitation, then there's nothing I can do." 

More than 700 people were given vouchers for 30-day motel stays while the encampment was cleared away. A longer-term plan for where the homeless will go after their stays are done is still being worked on officials say. 

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