A Surprise Trip to Disneyland Goes Really Bad

Don't you hate when your parents surprise you with a trip to Disneyland? 

Sounds a bit bananas right!? Well, that was definitely the case when a mother and father thought they'd surprise their children with packed bags to the worlds happiest place on earth.  When the two children jumped into the car that morning, they assumed they were just heading to school. 

A quick look back showed a message stuck to the rear view window stating "We're going to Disneyland."

The son did not take to kindly to this news. "But we didn't even talk about this," he shouted. His parents attempted to console him by mentioning the trip was cleared with his teacher. 

That definitely did not help. The son stormed out of the car in a serious fit. 

Maybe he had an important business meeting he had to get to on the playground? 

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