Video: Police Shoot Man with Foam Bullets

A YouTube video is making the rounds as it shows bystanders yelling at Long Beach officers who shot a man with foam bullets and released a K-9 on him.

Officers were originally called to the scene based on reports of a man walking down the street pointing a gun at passing vehicles.

The gun was later discovered to be a replica.

When they arrived, authorities say the suspect did not comply with their orders.

However, the video shows the man had his hands on his head and his pants were down so he could be heard telling the officers he couldn't get on his knees.

Eventually the officers fired foam bullets at the man and the crowd began their yelling, saying the police took it too far.

The suspect, Joel Peterson was taken to jail after being treated for minor injuries and was booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for the perceived threat with the replica firearm and resisting arrest.

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