More Sexual Misconduct Allegations Brought Against CA Lawmaker

State Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is facing more allegations of sexual misconduct, despite being a powerful voice in the #MeToo movement. 

A male employee claims that he was fired after he refused to play spin the bottle with his then boss, Assemblywoman Garcia. 

The lawyer representing the former staffers, Dan Gilleon, says that his client was targeted after rejecting Garcia's advances. “He’s on the floor and she’s sitting next to him with a bottle in her hand and she makes a comment they should be playing spill the bottle,” says Gillion. “The reasons why employers wait, it’s because if they fire right away, it’s obvious.” 

Gilleon's clients accuse Garcia of using 'vulgar language' and frequently talking about sexual topics in the workplace. They also claim she fostered an environment that included alcohol consumption while on the clock and proved herself to be 'vindictive in nature'. 

This is the second official complaint against Garcia after Daniel Fierro, a former staffer, accused her of groping him at a softball game. 

Attempting to defend herself, Garcia said “I believe these accusations are part of a concerted effort to discredit my person and record as a legislator. 

Garcia was profiled in Time Magazine's 'Silence Breaker' issue featuring prominent men and women speaking out about sexual abuse in the workplace. 

Read more at CBS News Sacramento 

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