Shipments of Smucker's Brand Dog Food Recalled for Euthanasia Drug

An investigation into potentially tainted dog food has caused various kinds of dog foods by the Smucker's company to be voluntarily recalled.

Reports say that some of the shipments of the food could be tainted with traces of a drug used to euthanize animals.

Smucker's says they will recall shipments of several varieties of wet canned Gravy Train, Kibbles 'N Bits, Skippy and Ol' Roy brands. 

The company is also looking into how the drug, pentobarbital, got into its supply.

Company spokesman Ray Hancart says that low levels of the drug doesn't pose a threat to pets.

“Veterinarians and animal nutrition specialists, as well as the FDA, have confirmed that extremely low levels of pentobarbital, like the levels reported to be in select shipments, do not pose a threat to pet safety.

However, the presence of this substance at any level is not acceptable to us and not up to our quality standards. We sincerely apologize for the concern this has caused.”

Customers with questions or concerns about their pet’s food can call 800-828-9980 or email the company through its website.

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