Empty Suits: Eric Garcetti and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau go for a hike

Two of the biggest political duds joined each other for a hike in Griffith Park over the weekend. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in town and joined L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti for a nice walk on a cool Saturday morning.

Garcetti told press:

"Mr. Prime Minister, it's such an honor to receive you here in Los Angeles. We brought a little Canadian weather to make you feel right at home."

Trudeau laughed and talked about how it's nothing compared to the weather back in Ottawa. The two blathered on to reporters about nothing, with Trudeau alternating between English and French.

On immigration, Trudeau said:

"Canadians know that having a strong [immigration] process — where we ensure security, ensure that people coming are going to be able to be successful — is integral to keeping a strong system. So that's continuing to be my message on immigration, that we are are an open and welcoming country, because it's our strength."

Garcetti responded:


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