#MoOnTheMovies: Mo'Kelly's Black Panther Review

Have you seen Black Panther yet?

I bet you haven't!

But Mo'Kelly has, and he is here to deliver his review on the film.

He said:

"'Black Panther' is not a perfect movie, but no movie is as ambitious, sincere, authentic and unapologetic in its presentation.  It pays equal attention to every character, make up and costuming. Wakanda was more real than unreal. 

It is a love story, yet not sappy in nature.  It is a story about fatherhood, the implications of absent fathers, colonialism, Africans vs. African-Americans, so-called Black on Black crime, international intrigue and geopolitics galore.  If you walk out of the movie with nothing to think about afterward, you've missed the overall point.

It's a story about betrayal, vengeance and a mother's love for her son.  You will likely find yourself somewhere among the characters. 

So many layers. 

Again, 'Black Panther' is not a perfect movie by any stretch, as there are some pacing issues (scenes too long, too much talking) and I would quibble with some of the CGI (reminiscent of a jumpy 'Catwoman' of years ago).  But those are minor complaints.  They did not remove me from the moment. 

Michael B. Jordan is a fine villain, maybe one of the best Marvel villains ever.  Andy Serkis was surprisingly funny. I wasn't prepared for his rather "unpredictable" yet enjoyable performance.  A strong character arc for T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and the Amazons of Themyscira are not necessarily the baddest women in the comic book universe anymore.  Eat your heart out Wonder Woman."

You can find more of his reaction to the movie at MrMoKelly.com

As for this week's releases, there's really only two big ones.

The third and final Fifty Shades movie, "Fifty Shades Freed."

And the true story, starring the actual heroes, "15:17 To Paris."

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