Homeless Donation Parking Meters Set Up in Downtown Los Angeles

A half-dozen change meters have gone up in Los Angeles that will help people donate to non-profits that are working to end homelessness. People can deposit their nickels, dimes, and quarters, or even use their debit cards to make donation to help the homeless. Councilman Jose Huizar says, the change meters are a great way to help, while not fueling an addiction. 

"Having a donation meter will allow people to have an option to know that the money will go to an organization that is directly assisting homeless individuals,"  Councilman Jose Huizar said. "This way at least, you have an option, whether you believe that or not.."

Brigham Yen is a blogger whose trip to D.C. helped make the change meters happen in L.A. 

"You know, putting a quarter, fifty cents, this is all great and all, but in the end, it's about educating the public about this idea of homelessness. Because it is something that majority of people are ignorant on," Yen told KFI's Kris Ankarlo. 

The meters aren't just swallowing coins, they'll also be generating funds through sponsorships by local companies. Huizar said, the sponsorships could add up to about $43,000. 

The donations go to an organization called People Concerned that works on homeless issues on Skid Row and other sites around the nation. 

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