Success From Scratch -- Yondr

Face it, you're addicted to your cell phone.  

Just stop and think for a moment how many times you check it every day.  Studies show ON AVERAGE once every 12 minutes...about 80 times a day!

This addiction is making it so people aren't engaging with one another anymore, students are distracted, you're too busy at a concert taking photos or video that you're not just enjoying the event fully.

Graham Dugoni imagined a world where there were 'phone-free' events and people would live an experience in the moment and engage with each other.  

So, he decided to do something about it.

He took $15,000 and spent a year and a half perfecting his idea and coming up with a prototype.

When he took his idea and prototype to Silicon Valley investors to get financial backing ...they laughed him out of the room.

So, he turned to family and friends, raised enough money to bring his product to market himself, within six months, his company was turning a profit and getting people talking....literally!

Today, hundreds of thousands of his Yondr bags and unlocking devices are used at more than 600 schools across the country, as well as concerts, sporting events, medical facilities, courthouses and other venues.

And it's not just the U.S., schools and venues in Australia and Europe also use Yondr products.

So... who's laughing now?  

Check out the Yondr site.

Listen to Handel's segment about Yondr. 

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