City Leaders Call For Investigation into Reports of Abused Perks

A job perk used by cops and firefighters has council members questioning whether they're taking advantage of the program that pays longtime workers almost double to stay on the job. 

However, according to a new L.A. Times report, almost half of the people using the program have taken extended injury leave while collecting the money. 

Councilman Mitch Englander said he wants an investigation of the program because he says it sounds like it has a lot of fraud.  

"The first task at hand, is ending any potential fraud of the system. That has to be done. These are taxpayer funds and it's wrong." 

He says the program was sold to voters as a cost-neutral one, so it's important that they follow up. 

"It's supposed to be cost-neutral. So the question is, is it cost-neutral? That's what was sold to the voters. So we need transparency." 

Workers reportedly went on vacation after complaining about things like carpal tunnel, and defective office chairs. Workers continued to make double their salary while they were away from their job.

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