How People Feel About Living Longer With Dr. Wendy Walsh

Do you want to live as long as possible?

It's not a trick question.  Just be honest.  

If you had the choice, would you like to live the longest life you could?

If you said "no," there's actually a lot of people that are right in-step with you.

A recent study asked 90 people over the age of 60 from Germany, China, and the U.S. that very same question.

One-third of the people said they were ready to go right now, or just didn't care when it all ended.

Many relayed that they have just come to terms with the fact that they have no say in the matter, and that it's over when it's over.

But, about half of the people gave a very similar response, saying that they'd love to keep going for as long as they were healthy.

One man summed it up by saying, "As long as I’m healthy, I’m going to keep going. If my health were to change and my days are filled with discomfort or the lack of ability to engage in life to any extent, then you know…”

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