"Moana" Maui Look-Alike Swindles Disney Fans

A man from Torrance who has a striking resemblance to the "Moana" character Maui admits to swindling Disney fans out of tons of cash.

In a video by Pipeline, host Dax Holt brings ups the crazy similarities between Kyle Paala and the fabled demi-god. 

"The resemblance is uncanny. That is his real hair. Those tattoos are real, and not only does he look just like Maui; just when I thought it couldn't get any crazier, he started singing."

You'd think with such an obvious resemblance, Paala would have cashed in on the effort by going to children's parties or work at Disney as a character actor...

And he tried...but spectacularly failed.

One San Bernardino mother planned an elaborate party for her daughter's birthday and hired Paala to make an appearance.

However, instead of him showing up and giving the kids a thrill, Monica Soriano says she got a text from Paala.

"My aunt is sick, she's in the hospital, she's not going to make it."

But when Soriano looked on Facebook, she saw Paala at Disneyland posing with fans that same day.

More victims came forward with similar stories and others say they've lent him money, paid for discounted Disney park tickets and gave him access to the exclusive Club 33.

When pressured, Paala admitted he owed 30-40 people money.

"I messed up a lot and...I had to go out and acknowledge what I did, and I came to do this to let everyone know that I do apologize for my actions."

An ABC7 report says that many heard a similar apology from Paala years ago, some even as long as four years ago.

Former classmate Diamond Scott outed Paala on social media after he failed to pay debts from 2014.

Former classmate Cole Hockenbury told Eyewitness News Kyle pretended to work at Disneyland and offered to sell Cole two park tickets plus a parking pass for $100. The Disneyland passes never materialized, and it took Cole about a year to get the $100 back.

"He owned up to it but was still very sheepish about it," said Hockenbury.

Disney has since canceled his annual pass and rescinded a job offer that would have employed him as a general worker.

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