United Airlines Denies Emotional Support Peacock from Boarding

United Airlines is in the news again for messing with another passenger...but this time there's a colorful twist.

A woman brought along her emotional support peacock to join her on a flight and she even purchased a separate ticket for the bird.

However, United wasn't having it and denied the bird from boarding the plane.

Delta had to make changes because they say they have had more  “animal-related incidents” like urinating, aggression, and biting.

The new rules say passengers with the emotional animals must now provide proof that they have been well trained (and fully vaccinated).

Travel and Leisure reports that United may follow Delta's update to their service and support animal policy.

With this recent policy update, United and other airlines may follow suit by enforcing stricter regulations of their own. Current policies at United mandate that trained service and emotional support animals sit in front of the passenger's seat without obstructing the aisle. The passenger must also provide the United Accessibility Desk the appropriate documentation and at least 48-hours advance notice before his or her scheduled flight.

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