Southern California Gets Super View for Super Blue Blood Moon

Southern California skygazers were treated to an unimpeded view of a rare lunar trifecta that won't be seen again until 2037. 

The "Super Blue Blood Moon" was so named for the three rare lunar events converging at once. The moon is at its apogee, appearing closer and brighter than normal, it's the second full moon in a calendar month, and the eclipse that gave our heavenly neighbor a reddish tint. 

Residents across the Southland lined the beach near the Santa Monica pier, with some snapping photos, while others just enjoyed the free show on the beach. The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles hosted an early morning event for people wanting to see the rare trifecta that hasn't happened since 1982.

Another lunar showstopper like this won't happen until 2037, so make your plans now. 

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