How To Gain Others Trust in a First Meeting with Dr. Wendy Walsh

New research shows that the judgments we make regarding a persons trustworthiness upon meeting them is completely wrong. 

The initial "trust" reaction we have with people is usually based on biases from our past interactions or pure stereotypes. If the person looks like someone we already trust, if they're an elder, or if they have more feminine features we tend to trust them more. 

This doesn't help when were trying to make a good trustworthy impression walking into a meeting. There are however a few ways to control your first impression beyond other's initial biases.  To combat these preconceived notions, you can adjust the visual cues that you can command. 

Check out some ways below: 

- Big Smile 

- Relaxed Eyebrows 

- A semetrical stance 

- Relaxed hands at your side 

- Leaning towards the other person 

Read more at The Wall Street Journal 

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