"We're Gonna Nuke You Guys" Man Verbally Assaults Asian Woman on Metro Line

Video of an Asian woman being harassed on the Metro has gone viral. 

In the footage which was posted on Sunday, a man can be seen verbally assaulting an Asian American woman, insulting her appearance and saying "We're going to nuke you guys," and for her to "go back to Asia."

Jeanne Heo posted video of the encounter on her Facebook Page, describing how the man approached her while riding on the Metro toward the North Hollywood station. She says he began asking her if she was American and if she spoke English. Heo says she replied in the affirmative, and then ignored the man for the rest of the ride. 

However, Heo says the man apparently wouldn't let it go. Once they exited the train at the North Hollywood station, the man approached Heo again, asking her questions like, "Where are your genetics from? Do you happen to be from Korea?" 

When she asked why he wanted to know, the man apparently went off. 

"Fuck you, go back to Asia!" the man yells at her. "Trump, God bless Trump. We're gonna nuke you guys!" the man began yelling at her as he circled around Heo who was filming him. He can be seen flipping the bird at her berating and insulting her appearance.

The man continues to berate Heo and can be heard disparaging the masculinity of Asian men before finally walking off. Heo said the incident took place near the North Hollywood Metro station and that two men heard what he was saying to her and punched him. Another woman walked Heo to her ultimate destination. 

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