Spot the Mistake: State of the Union Ticket Typos

As the State of the Union speech approaches, tickets to the event have been passed around and photos of them have hit social media.

Why you may ask? Well not only did the tickets come with a lovely gold trim, they also came with not one but TWO typos.

The blue tickets invite government members to this year's "State of the Uniom" and direct the holder to go to the "visitor's gallery".

While this is hilarious to us, CNN says that now all the tickets have to be reprinted and reissued to ensure the right information is given.

While it is unclear how many of the tickets printed had typos, all affected tickets have been reprinted and are in the process of being redistributed, a source in the Sergeant at Arms office said. A second source familiar with the situation confirmed the tickets were being reprinted and being redistributed.

The issue was resolved immediately, the first source said. Tickets that have not been picked up yet by members have been swapped out, and those already distributed are in the process of being changed for the newly printed tickets.

The State of the Union Address will air January 30th at 6pm.

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