Fred Goldman's Lawyers Going After O.J. Simpson's Money

O.J. doesn't owe. 

That's what a judge said in Los Angeles Tuesday morning after lawyers for Fred Goldman asked a Los Angeles Superior Court judge for a portion of memorabilia profits O.J. Simpson had made since being released from a Nevada prison last year. 

Goldman lost his latest legal round against Simpson after the judge said he failed to name the specific people who profited from a secret autograph session the former football star held back in October. 

Simpson was acquitted for the murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, but later lost a civil trial in which he was ordered to pay $33 million in restitution. That amount has since grown to more than $70 million over the last twenty years. 

Goldman has taken the Hall of Fame running back to court before to try and claim money for the lawsuit. He's recently gained some of Simpson's royalties in recent years from his movie and television appearances. Goldman was also able to secure the rights to Simpson's unpublished ghostwritten book "If I Did It." Goldman re-titled the novel to add "Confessions of the Killer" and published it. 

The former football celebrity was paroled last October after serving nine years for a 2007 attempt to steal merchandise Simpson said belonged to him. 

Photo: Getty Images

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