Which of Your Favorite Brands are the Most Politically Divisive?

Good luck hiding from political controversy's. Everyday more brands are taking stronger stances or just getting pulled into choosing sides amid controversy. 

A new survey interviewing over 300,000 consumers determined which brands are the most divisive when it comes to Democrats and Republicans. 

Take a look at the list and see which of your favorite brands are considered the most divisive. 


This comes as no surprise as we all witnessed the media storm President Trump and the NFL caused this past year over the players political protest. Republicans weren't too happy, coming in at -11 percentage  on 'Net Favorability' scale. Democrats, however, came in with +39 percent.


Leaning more towards Republican favor,  Nascar took a public stance stating that they disapproved of some NFL players protesting. The GOP pulled in at +38 percentage compared to democrats at +18 percent approval. 

Papa Johns

+58 for republicans versus +34 for democrats. Experts believe the reason for the brands popularity among republicans may come from the fact that more Papa John's are located in conservative states. Pricing and premium topping choices don't hurt either! 


Don't let the Target red fool you, this shopping center is actually a favorite among Democrats. Leading by 18 points, Democrats have a 71 percent net favorability.  Target tends to be locoated in more metropolitan areas that are populated with more left leaners. 

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