French go nuts for nutella, scuffle over the discounted hazelnut spread

Brawls broke out at supermarkets in France over discounted Nutella, which was selling for 1.41 ($1.75) instead of 4.70 euros ($5.85) as part of a promotion.

The chaos was caught on video by shoppers, showing people shoving and shouting to hoard as many jars as possible.

 According to Le Parisien newspaper, police had to step in and handle an unruly situation at a store in the northern town of Ostricourt.

The store Intermarche did not immediately respond to the Associated Press who was looking for comments. The company that makes Nutella, Ferrero, wasn't happy with the crazy customers and has distanced itself from the chain.

The company said in a statement:

“We want to clarify that the decision for the special offer was taken unilaterally by Intermarche. We regret the consequences of this operation, which created confusion and disappointment in the consumers’ minds.”

The discounted price was supposed to last until Saturday, but stocks ran out quickly at many stores. The promotion went just fine in other stores, but apparently some people just couldn't control themselves.

This is why we can't have nice things. 

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