Mom arrested for meth, stealing poop deodorizer, and leaving child in car

Sarah Wilmoth - Indian River Sheriff’s Office

(Sarah Wilmoth - Indian River Sheriff’s Office)

30-year-old Florida mother Sarah Wilmoth's trip to the store to get poop deodorizer ended in her arrest for child endangerment and drug charges.

According the arrest report, a couple noticed a baby all alone in his car seat when they parked in the Publix's parking lot. The baby was still in the car alone when they came out of the store 45 minutes later and was "crying hysterically.”

The couple called the sheriffs who sent over EMS to break open the car and get the child out. The child was okay, so the sheriffs ran a license plate search and determined the car belonged to Sarah Wilmoth.

Publix employees paged Wilmoth to the customer service counter and deputies arrested her for leaving her child in the car alone for over 15 minutes.

When she saw EMS, Wilmoth said:

“Oh, my God! That’s my son! My cousin was in the car with my baby and I don’t know where he ran off to and why he would leave my son alone.”

Her story quickly changed and she said she left her son in the car because he was sleeping. She was searched and deputies found a bag of meth laced with cocaine and a crack pipe.

Wilmoth's body was searched, and the following items were stuffed away in her bra:

  • Facial cream
  • Clear nail polish
  • Opi Pinking of You pink nail polish
  • Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go spray

If you're not familiar with Poo-Pourri, here you go:

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