Mysterious "Bob's House" Sign Removed by California City Officials

A mysterious sign that pointed the way to "Bob's House" has been removed by city officials. 

The city of Rancho Santa Margarita posted an image of the new sign to their Facebook page saying they removed the "Bob's House" sign from under a real road sign that informed drivers they were approaching Coto De Caza and Dove Canyon. 

The sign, which was presumably posted by someone tired of giving people directions to their house, appeared suddenly in January, confusing residents in the neighborhood. Officials say they were amused by the sign, and don't plan on pursuing any legal actions against "Bob." 

According to Rancho Santa Margarita City Manager Jennifer Cervantez the street sign was so good, it met the city's standards, and looked as if the city had ordered the sign themselves.

The city seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about "Bob" and pledged to return the sign to its creator with the caveat they wouldn't try putting it back up again.

"We completely understand your efforts and money to order and buy a sign that meets all of the Department of Transportation standards and guidelines so that those Amazon delivery trucks, party guests, and curious motorists find 'Bob's House.' It could have been a new destination to rival In-N-Out, and for that, we are very sorry to so abruptly remove the sign that, well, is just not legally permitted. We do hope you took a photo of it. If not, we have one we can share with you. In any event, your sign may be retrieved at City Hall during normal business hours -- no questions asked. It may make a nice wall hanging in your office or rec room and certainly a good story for your guests and Amazon deliveries that get lost or don't quite make it on time."

Photo: City of Rancho Santa Margarita

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