Man Confuses Bank Drive-Thru for Taco Bell, Gets DUI

We've all had those late-night drunk cravings...but we aren't dumb enough to drive while intoxicated or mistake a bank for a Taco Bell.

However, for Douglas Francisco that was the case as he was arrested in Florida for a DUI.

Authorities from the Hernando County Sheriff's Office say the manager of a Bank of America called them after finding an unconscious man behind the wheel of a car in the bank's drive-thru.

He says he banged on the car window for "some time" and was finally able to wake up the driver.

Francisco asked the manager for a burrito and when he was told he wasn't at a Taco Bell he drove off.

He didn't get too far as deputies found him idling in the bank parking lot and arrested him for a DUI.

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