Video: Failed Robbery with Two Guns and Only One was Real

Another day, another foiled theft at a convenience store.

However, this one has a seems that two would be thieves took a fake gun to a real gunfight.

The two teens went into the 7-Eleven, one of which jumped over the counter to rummage through the clerk's pockets.

The armed security guard then entered the store, and saw what appeared to be a firearm in the teen's hand.

He shot them both (not fatally) and detained them until deputies arrived on scene.

More details arose as the surveillance video was released a few weeks later.

When the one teen originally hopped the counter, he tripped up and fell before succeeding.

Then when the guard entered and saw his gun, one of the suspects yells theirs is fake.

The guard responds, "“Oh, well. Mine’s real."


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