'Oh Well, Mine's Real' Would-Be Robbers Foiled After Using Fake Gun

Warning: Video contains graphic content and language

Two would-be robbers were foiled by an armed security guard after they attempted to rob a convenience store in Gardena, California using a fake gun. Surveillance video of the incident quickly went viral on social media, nearly two weeks after the incident the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said on Thursday. 

According to the release, the security guard was sitting outside a 7/11 on Dec. 30th when he saw two teenagers enter the store wearing hooded sweatshirts. 

In the footage, the two males can be seen approaching the clerk at the front counter, with their hands in their sweatshirt pockets. One teen attempts to hop the counter, failing briefly, before trying again, this time managing to get on the other side, near the cash register. He can be seen holding what looks like a gun on the employee.

The other suspect joins his partner and jumps over the counter to rummage through the register, taking money from it. Seconds later, the security guard enters the store, and opens fire, hitting both suspects. 

"It's fake! It's fake!" one of the men shouts to the armed security guard, referring to the gun he was holding.

"Oh well, mine's real," the security guard answers. 

"Am I shot?" one of the men can be heard asking. 

"Oh f*** yeah," the security replied. 

Keeping his gun trained on the two suspects, he directs the clerk to call 911 and detains the pair until sheriff's deputies arrived.

A replica semi-automatic handgun was found at the scene, deputies confirmed in the release. 

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