#MoOnTheMovies - Movie Goers Low and Ticket Prices High

Remember when you'd get together with some friends on a Friday night and go catch the latest movie everyone raved about? Well apparently that wasn't happening so much in 2017. 

Movie ticket sales hit a major low last year, while ticket prices actually skyrocketed!

If you have, by chance, been to the theater lately, you've probably seen all the new fancy additions like recliner seats, food, and alcohol. 

Was this enough to keep you coming back every week? Probably not for most people, considering we all have access to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. Personal home movie theater, right!?

 Ticket sale blame was linked to trash blockbusters and random sequels no one even gave attention to. If social media or Rotten Tomatoes didn't approve the movie, it was scrapped from consideration. 

Low sales apparently means higher ticket prices. Theaters have to make up for all of that pizza and beer going to waste somehow, right!?

Let's get better movies this year, Hollywood!

Read More at The LA Times

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