LAPD's $10M electric BMWs are misused or not used at all

The LAPD was very proud of itself for going green by deploying a fleet of electric BMWs, but the latest investigation from CBS 2's David Goldstein reveals those cars aren't being used much and some are just collecting dust in a garage.

Here's part of the transcript from Goldstein's latest piece:

“'This is part of a million-dollar pilot program. You’re really supposed to get a manicure using the BMWs?'

We followed this LAPD commander driving one of the department’s fleet of electric BMWs to a nail salon.

'Is it supposed to be used for getting a manicure?'

The cars are part of a multimillion-dollar taxpayer funded project to help the LAPD go green.

But our investigation of department records found some electric cars are sitting unused with only a few hundred miles on them, and with hidden cameras, we found others are allegedly being misused.

'The LAPD unveiled its patrol cars of the future today.'

In a 2016 well-choreographed press conference, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck got out of an electric BMW driven by Mayor Garcetti to tout the city’s ambitious project.

'They certainly have the performance potential.'

BMW won the contract to provide electric cars for the LAPD. One hundred delivered each year for three years, to be used right now for administrative purposes. Non-emergencies.The department is leasing them.

The cost: $10.2 million, which includes charging stations..."

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