7-Eleven Security Guard Saves The Day


A quiet night at a Gardena 7-Eleven gets shaken up when two teenage boys attempt to rob a cashier at gun point. 

The boys enter the store, hands in pockets, giving a quick look around the store seemingly to search for other 7-Eleven occupants. Content that they are alone with the cashier, one teen tries to hop over the counter. Clearly not a professional hurdler, the teen attempts once again to hop over the counter with success. 

Instantly the cashier puts his hands in the air, ready to comply. 

One thing the teenagers did not expect was the private security guard coming in to save the day. Entering with all the making of an action movie star, the security guard sees the teens and their guns and immediately shoots three shots, hitting both suspects. 

One of the teens shouts, "It’s fake!"

Unfortunately for him, the security guard doesn't seem to care.

“Oh, well.  Mine’s real," he replies.

Perfect one liner for a action movie star, right? 

LA County Sheriff's came right away to arrest the pair of injured of teens. 

Read more at The Los Angeles Times

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