Gary and Shannon for SolarMax

Gary and Shannon want you to know you can save money every month on Solar panels! 

SolarMax is the ONLY SoCal solar company that does everything “All Under One Roof”.

  • They design, engineer and assemble their own premium SMX solar panels right here in Southern California. Which, by the way, are rated as one of the most reliable panels in the world.
  • They also have their own experienced installation team, not a collection of questionable sub-contractors.
  • This means no mark-up and they pass all the savings on to you.
  • And for a limited time, SolarMax Technology is offering this unbelievable discount of over $3,000 on their award-winning FLEX Battery Backup System. And of course, it is designed, engineered and assembled under the SolarMax roof.

Call SOLARMAX NOW and ask about their $69 a month offer including FLEX! Just dial pound 250 and say, SOLARMAX, that’s pound 250 on the cell, and say, SOLARMAX, or go to for more info! 

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