Man Claims He was Beaten by a Player's Family at a Rams Game

A man says he was beaten by a football player's family at a Rams game in front of his child.

Henry Romero says he was left with a fractured eye socket and stitches on his forehead.

"I felt three big men hitting me. Hit me in the head back of the neck and in my face."

He says the issue began when he and his 13-year-old daughter Yasmine had walked down the steps to get a better view of the players and maybe take some photos.

Romero says security told them to move as they were escorting people out of the Rams family section.

"The lady behind him, I don't know who it was. We have an idea of who, but (she) kind of started arguing with me. 'You need to move. We're the player's family.'"

Romero claims a few words were exchanged and the scuffle began as he and Yasmine moved to return to their seats.

"For her to lunge at me, I was completely caught off guard and that's when she was pushed down. I just went to kind of protect myself."

The Romero family has since filed a police report and the LAPD is investigating the incident.

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