Vegas Hotels Are Banking on New Tech to Draw in Guests

I don't know about you, but I'm one of 'those people' who have given up on trying to talk to anyone on the phone. Maybe it's because most of my customer service representatives have been outsourced, or maybe I just hate being put on hold, whatever it is, if I can put it in a search engine, that's how I'm going to find out. 

As it turns out, I'm part of the majority. Most people would rather engage with technology than real people and Las Vegas hotels are starting to take notice. 

"The hotel brands or the casino brands are trying to make themselves evolve to become more relevant to a younger audience that is highly technologically enabled," said Robert Rippee, director of the Hospitality Lab at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

Many Las Vegas hotels are now allowing guests to order room service via text message and have it delivered by an attendant within minutes. These perks are not limited to food and drinks either, visitors can also get towels or toiletries brought to their rooms using hotel provided tablets. 

These tablets are becoming a staple of in room amenities, much like a telephone or flat screen tv. The tablets can be used to summon hotel staff, control the lights and temperature, even allow the guest to access thousands of publications. 

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