#TastyTuesday With @ForkReporter Covers 2018 Food Trends

Ok, so I was going to make one of those really cool flow chart things where you look at one question, answer it "yes" or "no," and then follow the arrow coming off of that answer to the next question.

Problem...this program doesn't let me do that...

It's probably a good thing, though, because it was going to be a really small chart.

There's just three questions:

  1. Are you a foodie that loves food trends?
  2. Are you someone that is always confused by food trends?
  3. Are you just reading this because the @ForkReporter came on the show?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you're going to love this post.

2018 is bound to see some new trends take hold of the food world.

All in all, some of the top trends will be:

  • Techy food
  • Fake meats
  • Eating the whole plant
  • Weed infused meals

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More of a health foods person?

We have a list for that too.

In 2018, you can expect a rise in:

  • Alternative milk
  • Alternative water
  • Caffeinated food
  • Weed infused meals (I know, it was in the last list.  Just trust.  There will be weed everywhere.)

Read the full story at Greatist

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