Video: Cruise Caught in Winter Storm

Thousands of cruise passengers say they were on the boat from hell as a major storm hit the boat.

A cruise ship heading to New York from the Bahamas when they sailed into a storm that was battering the East Coast.

More than 4,000 people were on board the Norwegian Breakaway cruise as hurricane force winds and massive waves hit the ship.

Video shows water flooding cabins and pouring down the stairs.

Passenger Karoline Ross says people felt incredibly unsafe.

"Terrified, they were all crying. People had life vests on.

I will never understand the fact that they made a choice to take over 4,000 people though a storm."

Norwegian has since apologized to guests saying the ship had...

"encountered stronger than forecasted weather conditions... The safety of our guest and crew is always our top priority and the ship's Captain adjusted the ship's speed and itinerary accordingly to maintain the safest possible route, delaying the ship's arrival."

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