Video: Skier Rescued After Dangling Upside Down from Chairlift

A skier was caught upside down on a Mammoth Mountain chairlift, 20 feet in the air, before being rescued.

Anastasia Semenov says she was there with a group when she was held there for several minutes before dropping into a net held by rescuers.

“One of my biggest fears going skiing is that I’m going to accidentally fall off the lift, but not only falling off and now getting caught on the lift, it’s just really my worst nightmare.

We were getting ready to get on the chair when we looked back to sit down, and the safety bar was down, but it should have been up so it was blocking us from sitting down.

And then my leg and my ski somehow got caught on the foot ledge. And then the machine -- the lift didn't stop, so it just took me up with it."

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