Latest on the gas tax repeal effort

The petition to repeal the gas tax hike has collected more than 327,800 verified signatures of the 587,407 needed to qualify the measure for the ballot in November.

Dave Gillard, the political strategist behind the drive, told the L.A. Times:

“We knew it was popular but the incredible pace is even faster than we expected so we outran the capacity of our verification operation over the Christmas holiday and told our crew managers to slow down so we could catch up. We will be back up to speed by the end of this week.”

Carl DeMaio said:

“The gas tax repeal petition is breaking records for both paid and volunteer signatures and we’re using the next two weeks to catch up on validation of signatures already received. As a grass-roots-funded effort we are also continuously raising funds and volunteer support. We are highly confident we’ll qualify this Initiative for the November 2018 ballot.”

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