Yelling At Your Kids With The Dad Podcast

Yelling at your kids.

It is a touchy subject.

Pretty much every parent does it, but very few are willing to admit it.


Well, it's mostly because no other parents are willing to say they also do it, and people think it makes them a bad parent.

It does not.

Verbally abusing your child does, but yelling at them on occasion does not.

Actually, that's the first of five common misconceptions about yelling at your kids.

They are...

  1.  Yelling makes you a bad parent
  2. Yelling permanently messes up your kid
  3. No other parents yell
  4. You can stop yelling instantly
  5. There's no way to yell less

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Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast says that this just an example of a problematic trend that is going through parenting and society at the moment.

Whether it is condemning yelling at your kids or giving every Little League player a trophy, children are being robbed of negative experiences, which just sets them up for bigger failures in the future.

If kids never have to learn how to handle those losses and those negative experiences when they are young, then they will be crushed in the future when larger, more intense negative experiences come their way.

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