Garcetti Says L.A. Will Take The High Road In Pot Battle With Feds

Marijuana Cultivation Center In Nevada Ramps Up Production As State Legalizes Recreation Use Of Weed

Mayor Eric Garcetti isn't impressed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions' latest warning about legal marijuana. The Justice Department said Thursday they were rescinding a 2013 directive discouraging prosecutors from enforcing federal marijuana laws, but Garcetti says the toothpaste is already out of the tube.

"We hope the federal government will align itself with the will of, not just Californians, but Americans and not go to a tired playbook of a War on Drugs," Garcetti said. 

Los Angeles began accepting applications for recreational pot shops yesterday after the state legalized marijuana for adults over 21 on Monday. The mayor dismissed concerns that recreational users might face a federal crackdown. 

"The sheer number of people I think who are involved and the sheer number of people who voted for this, it's going to be very difficult for enforcement." 

Photo: Getty Images

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