First Case of Sexually Transmitted Zika Confirmed in LA

A man developed symptoms of the Zika virus in early November after traveling in Mexico. The man's female partner, who remained in Mexico, also developed symptoms. The Zika Virus is more commonly transmitted through mosquito bites and LA County has seen 122 cases of Zika since 2015. 

Mosquitos in Los Angeles are regularly tested by vector control agencies to determine whether they are carrying various illnesses. 

“This case is a reminder to take precautions during sex or avoid sex if you or your partner have traveled to an area with risk of Zika,” Jeffrey Gunzenhauser, interim health officer for Los Angeles County, said in a news release. 

The sexual transmission of the virus can often occur without symptoms, Gunzenhauser added. 

“Given the risk for birth defects, the greatest concern is transmission of the virus to women who are pregnant or attempting to become pregnant,” he said. 

It is recommended that couples abstain from sex (or use condoms) for six months after a man has been diagnosed or exposed to Zika and eight weeks after a woman has, to prevent any further transmission. 

Zika remains a problem in Mexico and other regions of Latin America. Symptoms include fever, joint pain, rash, muscle pain, and red eyes within seven days of being infected. 

Zika isn't fatal, most who contract it aren't even hospitalized. 

Read the release here 

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