Inmate loses appeal that drugs hidden in his butt weren't his

A Pennsylvania judicial panel shot down an inmate's appeal that a balloon filled with synthetic marijuana in his butt didn't belong to him.

A corrections officer testified he told Wylie-Biggs to bend over during a strip search because he saw another inmate pass him something.

When Wylie-Biggs spread his behind, a clear plastic bag containing a small blue balloon could be seen sticking out of his rectum."

He took a bag out of his butt and officials immediately tested the substance, which turned out to be a synthetic form of marijuana known as K2.

Wylie-Biggs appealed the possession of the K2 on the grounds that the state didn't have a solid case. The Superior Court still ruled that that state did have sufficient evidence that he did have the drugs.

Back in 2014 Wylie-Biggs survived a 100-foot fall off a bridge in Pittsburgh while he was running from the police.

He pleaded guilty that August to a number of charges including possession of heroin with intent to sell and recklessly endangering another person.

Sounds like one hell of a guy.

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