Museum of Selfies To Open in January

The upcoming Museum of Selfies may or may not be able to convince you that those type of photos are high art, but that's not really the point of the installation according to the co-founders. They say they hope people will learn a few things about art while they're having fun taking photos. 

The space, set to open in January in Glendale, features several photo opportunities where patrons are encouraged to snap their own selfies, as well as learn about how humanity has represented itself in art and culture over the last 40,000 years. 

Several exhibits feature popular Instagram-standbys like the food selfie or bathroom mirror pic. Another exhibit seem to mock the idea with the "high-up" selfie where patrons find themselves on a faux rooftop perfect for that Brooklyn/Silverlake 'don't bother me' hipster shot. You can even sit on a mock Iron Thone made of Selfie sticks after crushing your online competitions. 

Other exhibits are on the informative, such as the 'narcissist installation' which cleverly combines Greek mythology and tales about people who lost their lives doing stunts for the perfect 'gram. Artwork by contemporary artists giving their take on what selfies mean to their work and clever takes on the old master's best works are also featured at the museum. 

The Museum of Selfies is located at 211 North Brand Blvd in Glendale and will open in January 2018. Tickets cost $25, kids three and under are free. 

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