#WatchaWatchinWednesday: What Did We Watch In 2017?

Hulu has released a report of all their streaming numbers, and the findings are interesting.

First off, hats off to all the women out there.  They beat men in average time spent streaming, with 232 hours each.

But, we have to really give props to Hulu's top streamer, who logged about 11,000 hours.

Viewers, as a whole, loved comedies.  In 2017, they watched 36 percent more comedy films than they did last year.

Imagine what those numbers would be if they counted comedy shows, as well.  Viewers watched 107 million hours of South Park!  What does that equate to?  Oh, just 12,000 years.

The top streaming state?  Montana.

The top viewed movie?  Daddy's Home.

How did people watch?  Mostly with their partner or spouse.

Read the full story at Mashable

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