#TerrorInTheSkies: Passenger Brawl Lawsuit Fails

In 2016, multiple intoxicated passengers were involved in a fight while on a Spirit Airlines flight from Baltimore to LAX.

Three women that were attacked by the intoxicated group teamed up with Gloria Allred to sue Spirit Airlines, saying that the company was negligent by continuing to provide the rowdy passengers with alcohol.

In the end, the women's lawsuit failed.

Spirit's lawyer Richard Lazenby said, "The credibility of plaintiffs' account of the events was repeatedly challenged through the testimony of numerous witnesses, including plaintiffs, the flight attendants, and other passengers.  [Ultimately] the court applied California law, which prohibits liability based solely on serving alcohol."

He continued, "Plaintiffs needed to prove that their version of their attackers' behavior in conjunction with the flight attendants' failure to monitor or curb such behavior rendered an attack foreseeable, which the jury rejected by their verdict."

However, one of the attackers was convicted of assault following a federal investigation.

Read the full story at New York Daily News

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