App to track health symptoms near Porter Ranch gas leak site

Credit: Getty Images

Northern San Fernando Valley resident Andrew Krowne still gets nasty headaches and blurry vision more than two years after the massive natural gas leak in Porter Ranch.

Earlier this year, he decided to develop an app to track residents' symptoms. He told the L.A. Daily News:

“With the lack of government and regulatory action, and with (the Southern California Gas Co.) trying to tell people everything is fine….it is vitally important for the community to track what is really happening to it."

Krowne is an accountant, an activist, and serves as treasurer of the Porter Ranch Neighborhood Council. The Environmental Health Tracker App lets people submit and track their symptoms that could be related to the gas leak.

Since its launch in mid-October, the app has garnered about 130 users and 2,000 symptoms have been reported.

Krowne said:

“We’re absolutely getting valuable data on symptomology – not just here in Porter Ranch but I have reports from Chatsworth, Granada Hills, Woodland Hills, Lake Balboa, Studio City and Northridge."

Click here to read more about Krowne and his app at the L.A. Daily News.

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