Two Polar Bears Spotted At Alaska Airport

Maintenance worker Scott Babcock was inspecting the runway at the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial airport when he thought he spotted what he thought were a couple of wolves. 

But as he drew closer to the wildlife, he could see the animals out there were something much bigger than a pair of wolves. Babcock took out his phone and began recording what he saw. 

"Well, it's just another day here at Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial airport. We've got a couple polar bears here running around the infield. Yep, well, there they go." 

Instead of a few wolves, Babcock had happened upon two polar bears that began running away once he approached in his vehicle. Most airports dealing with wildlife have to deal with bird strikes, but state officials say the airport in the city of Utiqiagvik, (formerly Barrow), have to deal with larger marine mammals that are coming in from the Chukchi Sea. 

Federal law prevents the hassling of marine animals - which could have made shooing the polar bears away problematic. Fortunately, the two young polar bears ran off into the night, far from where they could make trouble. 

"Well, that'll be interesting to deal with today," Babcock can be heard remarking on the video. 

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